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Gavin Scott JASON RAN Cotton Tee (Masc XS-5XL)

Gavin Scott JASON RAN Cotton Tee (Masc XS-5XL)

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The Gavin Scott "JASON RAN" Cotton Tee – a statement piece that goes beyond fashion, standing as a symbol of solidarity against gun violence.

Crafted with care from 90% cotton and 10% spandex, this tee offers not just exceptional comfort but also a powerful message. The heart of this tee lies in its exclusive Gavin Scott design, created to raise awareness about the urgent need to address gun violence. It serves as a conversation starter, inspiring discussions that can lead to positive change.

Turn around, and you'll find the Gavin Scott logo on the back, reminding us that fashion can be a force for good, advocating for peace and compassion. Together, we can amplify this message and make a difference in the world

Join the movement, raise your voice, and let's stand together against gun violence. Get your Gavin Scott JASON RAN Cotton Tee now and become a part of the change we need. 


  • Exclusive Gavin Scott design
  • Made from 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex
  • Gavin Scott logo on back
  • Standard Fit
  • Machine washable
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