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Gavin Scott Genderless Chelsea Boots

Gavin Scott Genderless Chelsea Boots

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Step out in style with your Gavin Scott Genderless Chelsea Boots - Where Art Meets Your Feet!

These boots are crafted from the unique imagination of Gavin Scott himself. They're like walking on a canvas, with colors and designs that'll make you the center of attention wherever you go.

We've fused art with fashion using a Microfaber upper that's as sleek as it is stylish. The TPR outsole? It's not just tough; it's your trusty sidekick for comfy strolls. The black sole adds a dash of classic cool to the wild and wonderful design, making these boots your go-to for turning heads.

Where can you wear these? Better question: where can't you wear them? From work to play, these boots will have your back – or should we say, your feet?

They're perfect for a chill day out. Made with breathable PU leather, these boots are comfy and cozy. Plus, the slip-resistant soles give you swagger without the slip.

We've obsessed over quality, making sure your design comes out just right. No blurred lines, just crisp details and true-to-life colors.

Mix and match like a pro. These boots are like the chameleons of footwear. They look amazing with jeans, sports trousers, shorts, and yes, even skirts!

The Gavin Scott Genderless Chelsea Boots are not just shoes; they're a party for your feet! Wear our art, strut your stuff, and have some fun with every step. Your footwear is now a statement – let it be as unique as you are!

  • Exclusive Gavin Scott design
  • Microfaber upper
  • TPR outsole
  • Vegan leather
  • Slip resistant black sole
  • Chelsea style boots
  • Side zipper 
  • Genderless 
  • Pairs with any outfit
  • Made to order



A variety of production factors may cause slight differences between the actual product and the Mock-up, which may be colors, printing position, or size.

The shoes will be shipped out in a bag, not a box.


The size of this product refers to the Euro size standard.

   Shoe Size   
US(Men) US(Women) Euro Inner Length(cm) Inner Length(inch)
3 4.5 35 22.7 8.9
4 5.5 36 23.5 9.3
5 6.5 37 24.5 9.6
5.5 7 38 24.8 9.77
6 7.5 39 25.2 9.92
7 8.5 40 26.5 10.4
8 9.5 41 27 10.6
8.5 10 42 27.5 11
9.5 11 43 28.5 11.2
10 11.5 44 29 11.4
11 / 45 29.5 11.6  
12 / 46 30 11.8  

This size data is measured manually, due to the different measurement methods, errors within 1-2cm are considered normal.

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