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Gavin Scott Deluxe Roller Blinds (Recess, Relief; Standard, Blackout)

Gavin Scott Deluxe Roller Blinds (Recess, Relief; Standard, Blackout)

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From the fabric and custom dimensions to the type of mounting and side you want your cord on, you get to customize every aspect of your custom blinds. We have 2 fabric options; blackout and stiff-translucent, so choose the most suitable fabric to suit your specific needs.

It's important you accurately measure the dimensions according to the mounting style: Relief mounting is where you blinds stand proud of the wall or frame, Recess mounting is where the blinds sit within the window box. For Relief mounting, add 1.96" to your width to compensate for spindle fittings. For Recess mounting, provide the exact dimensions of the space you need to fill with your blind.


  • Exclusive Gavin Scott design
  • Relief or recess mounted
  • Made to measure
  • All parts included
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Chat with us to price any specific dimensions
  • Stiff translucent: up to 53 x 118 / 118 x 53 inch
  • Blackout: up to 53 x 197 / 197 x 53 inch


These handmade custom roller blinds expertly made to order and made to measure featuring artwork by Gavin Scott. So that the metal pose isn't exposed when your blinds are fully extended, we add 2-3 wraps of extra fabric at the top of your design, which is mirrored in most cases. This is important as it adds strength to your roller blinds. Using specialist dye sublimation print, the inks are fused deep into the surface of the fabric fibers, creating a long lasting print. In terms of textures and what the roller blinds fabrics look like, the stiff translucent is textured with an acrylic coating, giving it a shiny face and waxy touch. Blackout fabric smooth to touch and has a slightly rubbery reverse that's white in color. Both fabrics are fire rated and non-fray. 

Along with your roller blinds, you'll also receive all the parts necessary for assembly. A full list of contents is available for download.




Your custom made blinds come with a cord clip that needs carefully assembly to prevent accidents around children. In order to attach your cord clip, it's important to follow these instructions to ensure it's fully secured.

  1. Line up the last 'ball' on the two ends of the cord chain and press them into the holes until you hear a click.
  2. As if you were making a square, slot the 2 clips into eachother. This fixes the two ends together.
  3. Do this until you hear a click. 
Please be aware that if a child, or anyone, were to pull too hard on the cord, the clip will come apart. It's been engineered this way to protect children from getting the cord wrapped around their neck. For everyday use of your custom roller blinds, be gentle when pulling the cord, using your hands to guide it, so the clip doesn't snap open. As a safety precaution, it's recommended that cots, children's beds and toy chests etc be moved away from the cord so little ones can't climb up and play with the cord.

Child Safety Regulations mean that all blinds have to comply with EN13120. Contrado Imaging Ltd takes the following measures to comply:

  • A safety breaker piece will be supplied, with any blind with cords and/or chains.
  • We advise the recommended distance from the floor to the bottom of the chain will be at least 31.49".
  • We supply the cord length at 2/3rds the length of your chosen drop.
  • A warning notice comes attached to your roller blind.
  • Installation instructions will be provided and must be available once the blind has been fitted.
  • There will be a warning notice on the product packaging.
  • Our company name and date of manufacture are included on the roller blind fabric.
 These safety measures are applied to every blind supplied by Contrado Imaging Ltd & Gavin Scott Industries LLC.



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